HyDeploy Demonstration

On this page you will find information about the HyDeploy phase two demonstration that's happening in Winlaton and the Xoserve processes that are in place to support this.


About HyDeploy

HyDeploy is a partnership between Northern Gas Networks, Cadent, the Health and Safety Executive, Keele University, ITM Power and Progressive Energy. HyDeploy is carrying out vital demonstrations to show that the gas network can carry a blend of hydrogen with no impact on the customer’s gas supply. It is providing evidence on how customers don’t have to change their cooking or heating appliances to take the blend, which means less disruption and cost for them. It is also confirming initial findings that customers don’t notice any difference when using the hydrogen blend.

The HyDeploy project began with a first phase live demonstration of blended hydrogen and natural gas on part of the private gas network at Keele University campus in Staffordshire.

HyDeploy is being delivered by the HyDeploy Consortium, whose members are Northern Gas Networks, Cadent Gas Limited, the Health and Safety Executive, Keele University, ITM Power and Progressive Energy.

Delivery of HyDeploy is also supported by specialist gas safety testing specialists Kiwa, industry research expert Dave Lander and technical consultants Otto Simon Limited.

More information is available here.

The second phase of the HyDeploy project will be in the North East of England and will involve around 670 domestic properties in Winlaton, near Gateshead.

All consumers involved in the HyDeploy project were contacted by the HyDeploy Consortium to explain the demonstration. Residents were asked to book a visit from the HyDeploy engineers to carry out gas safe checks on their gas appliances and gather information on the range of appliances in the demonstration area. The Gas Safe checks were free of charge.

Lasting for around 10 months, the demonstration in Winlaton is expected to begin in May 2021.

HyDeploy project overview

Find out more about what HyDeploy has been doing at Keele University to demonstrate the feasibility of using hydrogen to heat our homes.

Northern Gas Networks prepares for the demonstration

Joanna Ferguson, Head of Market Services & Regulatory Compliance at Northern Gas Networks, provides an introduction on what Northern Gas Networks is doing to prepare for the demonstration.


About the second phase live demonstration

More about the upcoming HyDeploy demonstration in the North East of England in Winlaton, near Gateshead.

Xoserve’s role in this HyDeploy demonstration

Xoserve is working closely with stakeholders across the industry to deliver HyDeploy in a transparent and coherent manner from an operational point of view. It is our role to ensure the data infrastructure underpinning the transformation is fit for purpose and effective – and scalable for similar projects that are coming up further on down the line.

As a Distribution Network Operator, Northern Gas Networks and Cadent require Xoserve, as the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), to ensure all Meter Point Reference Numbers (MPRNs) included within the second phase North East live demonstration are readily identifiable and have processes and controls in place to protect these sites (and end-consumers) from being adversely impacted for the duration of the demonstration.

Xoserve readies its systems and processes

Andy Szabo, explains Xoserve’s involvement in hydrogen demonstrations and what Xoserve has done to prepare its systems and processes for HyDeploy.


Xoserve's role in supporting HyDeploy

A high-level overview of Xoserve's involvement in the HyDeploy Winlaton demonstration and what processes will be changing as a result.


Process information for Xoserve customers

Introducing hydrogen into the live gas network has ramifications for Annual Quantity (AQ), procurement and invoicing – meaning process changes for Networks, Shippers and Suppliers.

Managing invoicing and voluntary consumer payments during the demonstration


Identifying HyDeploy sites on UK Link


The Annual Quantity (AQ) Backstop process

Identifying HyDeploy MPRNs in Data Discovery Platform (DDP)

Yes, customers remain able to switch and suppliers must understand the process changes involved in switching affected Meter Point Reference Numbers (MPRNs).

There will be no changes to the current change of supplier process for the sites that are part of the HyDeploy Winlaton demonstration.

The process will remain exactly the same, except Northern Gas Networks will ensure that the additional health and safety checks that are needed, will be carried out on site.

Both Xoserve and Northern Gas Networks are monitoring all activities relating to the sites involved in the demonstration. When notice is received of a change of Shipper through the existing industry processes, the new Shipper will be contacted to talk them through how having a HyDeploy demonstration site will affect them and what they will need to do differently.

There are multiple changes required to ensure a successful outcome of the HyDeploy North East demonstration including, but not limited to:

  • Gas Shippers and Suppliers having visibility of the Meter Point Reference Numbers (MPRNs) included within the demonstration
  • All parties must understand the processes in place to prevent inappropriate Annual Quantities (AQs) from being calculated
  • Any Meter Readings received with a Reading Date within the demonstration period are handled in such a way that they do not adversely impact the energy profile of these sites during the demonstration, and in the future once the demonstration has concluded
  • Consideration of the Switching processes, as those MPRNs remain eligible to competition and remain capable of transferring ownership
  • All MPRNs are monitored to review performance and manage any unforeseen issues that may arise
  • In preparation for these changes, the Networks will provide a list of MPRNs to Xoserve, as Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), and a joint exercise will be undertaken to prepare and validate those MPRNs.

More information on these changes can be accessed here.

The use of the hydrogen blend will result in a lower Calorific Value (CV) being passed through the consumer’s meter compared to natural gas; the exact calorific value being received by the isolated demonstration area will be monitored for the duration.

More gas will need to pass through the customer’s meter than usual, which may inflate Annual Quantities (AQs).

During the HyDeploy demonstration, increased gas consumption may be registered through affected meters. Northern Gas Networks and Cadent have agreed with Ofgem to provide voluntary consumer payments, to offset the increase in consumers' bills during the demonstration.

More information on these changes can be found here.

Northern Gas Networks will submit HyDeploy offset payment information to Xoserve in advance, on a monthly basis. Xoserve will then invoice the offset payments to those Shippers with HyDeploy Meter Point Reference Numbers (MPRNs).

It is the Shipper’s responsibility to transfer the HyDeploy offset payments to the relevant Supplier. The Supplier must then credit the relevant customer with the HyDeploy offset payment.

More information on these changes can be found here.

A change in UK Link will set an indicator against those specific MPRNs that have been approved as part of a Network Project.
The new information held in the UK Link system will be extracted into SAP Business Warehouse (BW) to allow this data to be visible in the Data Enquiry Service (DES); a system that can be accessed via the Xoserve Portal. More information on DES can be found here.

For each MPRN within a Network Project the following new data items will be viewable in the DES:

  • Network Indicator: This is provided by the Network to set value(s) to be agreed with the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP)
  • Network Project Name: A description/name provided by the Networks to the CDSP. Standards require this to be limited to 30 characters
  • Network Project Start Date 
  • Network Project End Date 
More information on these changes can be found here.

A new package is available to Data Discovery Platform (DDP) users, to help them manage sites which are part of the HyDeploy demonstration area:

Network Management Information (MI) – HyDeploy Data Package

This dashboard focuses on sites within a portfolio which are part of the HyDeploy Proof of Concept (POC). It will specifically focus on portfolio data such as Annual Quantity (AQ), Supplier, Shipper and other Supply Point details. The main focus of the dashboards is changes within the portfolio, i.e. when a switch takes place, Networks will receive a notification when changes occur.

Through our DDP and our new dashboards, Networks can drill down on data at Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) level, to obtain more insights.  Networks will also be able to export and download data if required.

The HyDeploy change was part of the November 2020 Release, details are as follows:

XRN5014 - Facilitating HyDeploy2 Live Pilot


Who to contact

For more information on HyDeploy, please visit www.hydeploy.co.uk

If you have any questions about Xoserve's processes during the demonstration, please visit Help and Support or for questions about Xoserve’s programme to support decarbonisation, please contact Vicki Mustard, Customer Advocate.

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