UK Link System

Connecting the complex systems that are essential for Britain's competitive retail gas market.

Accessing UK Link

Access to UK Link is through the Xoserve Service Portal.

Only Authorised Users can use UK Link.

Authorised User Groups

Authorised User groups of the UK Link system include:

  • Ofgem
  • UNC Parties
  • Meter Readers
  • User Agents
  • Delivery Facility Operators and Connected System Operators
  • Meter Asset Providers
  • Meter Asset Managers

If you are new to the GB Gas Market, please visit the New Customer page for further information.

To gain access, your Local Security Officer (LSO) will need to complete and return a Secure Site Access Request form.


Access for Third Parties

Access can also be provided for third parties who do not fall into any of the Authorised User groups. Users will need to sign the UK Link User Agreement.

If you require access to the UK Link system, please email us.

UK Link System

UK Link connects the complex information, technology and communications systems that are essential to the successful competitive retail gas market in Britain. The suite, which is used and managed by us in our role as Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), ensures the industry operates smoothly, effectively and efficiently, and in accordance with the Uniform Network Code (UNC).

The component parts of UK Link are:

We support and manage the evolution of UK Link under UK Link Releases.

As part of our Change Programme, it assures the UK Link system for the future, effectively responding to the challenging, fluid and exciting demands of the gas market of Great Britain.

UK Link Documentation

UK Link Documentation describes each element of the UK Link system. It provides outlines to the access, interface and support facilities available to UK Link Users. It is split into two areas:

The documentation fully describes:

  • the networks and systems that form UK Link
  • associated communication details
  • agreed file formats

Once changes are approved which affect UK Link systems, and UK Link Releases, the documents are reviewed and updated as necessary.

Justification is required to access the secure UK Link Documentation folders.

If you are already a customer and would like to gain access, please ask your LSO to complete and submit a Secure Site Access Request Form.

UK Link Maintenance

A maintenance window exists between 5:00am and 7:00am every day. The UK Link system will be unavailable during these hours.

Take a look at the System Outages page for details of all standard maintenance windows for our systems. 


UK Link Testing

If you are a new customer and would like to start sending test files on the Information Exchange (IX) network, please let us know.

Get in touch with the Customer Lifecycle Team, so that we can make sure that test capability is available.

UK Link Data Permissions Matrix

The UK Link Data Permissions Matrix indicates the parties which have access to UNC protected information.

The Operating Guidelines provides context on how to view the information within the DPM.

UK Link Data Permissions Matrix V17 (live)

Last updated on 24 Nov 2021

UK Link DPM Conditionality Document V8.0 (live)

Last updated on 17 Dec 2021

Demand Estimation Derived Factors

Last updated on 02 Sep 2021

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