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XRN 4990
Transfer of Sites with Low Read Submission Performance from Class 2 and 3 into Class 4 (MOD0664)

Last Updated
23 Mar 2023
Release Type
Implementation Date
25 Feb 2023
Proposer SSE Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 1 (Current Apr 21)

Manage Shipper Transfers

Customer Change Team Leader


The solution will create an obligation for shippers to transfer the poorest performing supply points in class 2 and 3 (in terms of read submission performance) into class 4. Read submission performance will be measured at supply point level, with those supply points falling below a specified benchmark for a consecutive period being transferred to class 4. If after a period of time, where a shipper does not move supply points that have not read the read obligation, the CDSP will automatically move those supply points to class 4.

Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper


Document title Comment Last updated CHMC outcome
Change Proposal N/A 01/08/2019 Approved at ChMC on 07/08/2022
Initial Review Stage not used N/A N/A
DSG Discussion N/A 06/06/2022 N/A
High Level Solution Options N/A 31/01/2022 Option 1 approved
Solution Review N/A 31/01/2022 Solution approved 
Detailed Design Approved 16/05/2022 Deferred at ChMC on 11/05/2022
Revised Detailed Design  N/A 10/06/2022 Approved at ChMC on 08/06/2022
Revised Detailed Design

3128.1 - VO - PO

14/01/2023 Approved at ChMC on 08/02/2023
Evaluation Quotation Reports (EQR) N/A 23/09/2021 N/A
Business Evaluation Reports (BER) N/A 23/03/2023 Approved at ChMC on 29/07/22
XRN 4990 e-learning Online e-learning session 09/02/2023 N/A
Change Completion Reports (CCR) Stage not yet reached N/A N/A


Initial Review
Change Proposal Raised 01/07/19
Status Awaiting ChMC approval
Approved to Capture 07/08/19
Status ChMC approved into Capture
Solution Consultation
Solution Change Pack Issued 17/01/22
Status Solution Consultation Change Pack Issued
Awaiting Delivery
ChMC Approved Solution 11/05/22
Status Detailed Design approved 08/06/2022
In Delivery
Scoped into February 2023 16/01/23
Status Revised Detailed Design Change Pack issued and approved at ChMC 08/02/2023
Expected: 25/02/23
Status Successfully Implemented

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