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XRN 5110
November 20 Release Delivery

Last Updated
13 Jul 2021
Release Type
Implementation Date
07 Nov 2020
Proposer Xoserve Impacted DSC service area


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Customer Change Team Leader


There are 6 changes for inclusion as scope of delivery for the November 20 release as approved by ChMC on the 12th February 2020

The following 6 changes are scoped into November 2020 Major Release:

XRN 4801
Additional information to be made viewable on DES


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This changing is looking into opening up more data items to be made visible via the Data Enquiry Service (DES) to allow Shippers to resolve queries more quickly and improve operational effectiveness.   This Change is in scope of November 2020 Release...
XRN 4871
Modification 0665 - Changes To Ratchet Regime


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Modification 0665 has been raised and seeks to amend the current Class 2 Ratchet Charging Arrangement and it allows Transporters designate Supply Points (Network Designated) that should, in addition to mandatory Class 1 Supply Points, be subject to t...
XRN 4897
Resolution of deleted Contact Details (contained within the S66 records) at a Change of Shipper event


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When Customer Contact Details are end dated, we should delete the associated data.  End dating of contact details occurs within UK Link systems when a Change of Shipper happens, the Shipper provides an update to the Contact Details or an instruction ...
XRN 4899
Treatment of Priority Service Register Data and Contact Details on a Change of Supplier Event


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Currently, Priority Consumer Data SHOULD[1] be deleted when a Supply Meter Point goes through a Change of Shipper event (for the avoidance of doubt that this is Contact Details (e.g. data of the nature within S66; S67) and Priority Service Data (e.g....
XRN 4931
Submission of a Space in Mandatory Data on Multiple SPA Files


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It has been brought to our attention that Shippers have been submitting files (e.g. MSI, EMC & CNF) with a Space populated in mandatory fields instead of the required data item (e.g. Y/N). As Space is allowable ASCII value, AMT has not rejected t...
XRN 5014
Facilitating HyDeploy2 Live Pilot


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NGN is seeking to identify a means of ensuring that the impacted properties’ AQs can be managed so as not to increase the amount of energy requiring to be purchased by the shippers at the affected meter points. NGN (and Cadent) is working in partners...

Impacted Customer Types

  • IGT
  • Shipper
  • DNO


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CCR - XRN5110 13/Jul/2021 PDF
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XRN5110 - November 2020 BER 16/Jun/2020 PDF


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