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XRN 5321
PAC Ring-Fenced DSC Change Budget 21/22

Last Updated
16 May 2022
Release Type
Implementation Date
29 Mar 2022
Proposer CDSP Impacted DSC service area


Not applicable

Customer Change Team Leader


PAC has identified a list of 'user stories' it wants the CDSP to develop - these user stories include those that were raised in the last financial year (listed in XRN4876 - the parent XRN for the last financial year's PAC budget).  Those user stories have been carried forward as 'requirements' for the current financial year.  As new user stories are identified, these will be included in the PAC backlog.

Impacted Customer Types

  • GT
  • IGT
  • NGT
  • Shipper
  • DNO


Document title Comment Last updated CHMC outcome
Change Proposal Approved 10/03/2021 Approved into Capture 10/03/2021
Initial Review Stage not used N/A N/A
High Level Solution Options Stage not used N/A N/A
Solution Review Stage not used N/A N/A
Detailed Design Stage not used N/A N/A
Evaluation Quotation Reports (EQR) Stage not used N/A N/A
Business Evaluation Reports (BER) N/A 24/05/2022 Approved at ChMC on 11/08/2021
Change Completion Reports (CCR) N/A 11/05/2022 Approved at ChMC on 11/05/2022


Initial Review
Start: 25/02/21
Status Change Proposal Raised
Approved to Capture 10/03/21
Status ChMC approved into Capture
Solution Consultation
Expected: 00/00/00
Status Stage not used
Awaiting Delivery
Expected: 00/00/00
Status Stage not used
In Delivery
Expected: 11/08/21
Status In delivery BER approved at ChMC 11/08/2021
Expected: 29/03/22
Status Implemented

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