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Discover why and how the CMS is being redesigned and find out the latest news on the rollout plan.

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    What is CMS rebuild?

    Our Contact Management Service (CMS) provides the ability for our DSC customers to query and update their data within their own portfolio. 

    It's currently supported by an ageing system, which needs to be re-built to improve our customers' experience. 

    In late 2020, we engaged with customers, initially through a survey and then through a series of detailed workshops, mapping “as is” and “to be” processes. 

    The survey revealed: 

    • how customers used the CMS 
    • specific pain points with the business process and supporting system 
    • focus areas for improvements 

    Using this information, we set up over 50 workshops with 200+ customers to explore each process in depth. These sessions ensured our customers’ needs were clearly reflected and helped us identify where further refinements were needed. 

    More than 200 pain points were identified, leading to 500 requirements for the new system. Using this valuable insight, the ideal “to be” processes were then mapped. You can find more details in our pain points and requirements document. 

    Funding options were then discussed and voted on at the Contract Management Committee (CoMC). The CoMC decided to support our proposal to budget for a subscription-based funding model for the replacement system.


    Project News

    Version 1.4 - Successful launch

    We are excited to announce the launch of the Address Amendments (ADD) and Network raised Meter Number Creation (DMN) contact codes in the new CMS.

    This launch also provides the bulk contact logging via the new CMS User Interface (UI). 

    The training material can be accessed using the following link:

    CMS training

    Continued customer collaboration

    We hold regular customer focus groups to provide progress updates, understand customer impacts, testing and training needs as the new processes are released.   

    We’ll share the agenda for each focus group seven days in advance.  

    Next customer focus group

    The next focus group is on 15 September 2023 - find out more


    Customer focus groups schedule

    View the dates, times and access material for our customer focus groups below:

    Date Time More information
    15 September 2023 10am - 12pm View
    9 October 2023 10am - 12pm View
    17 November 2023 10am - 12pm View
    15 December 2023 10am - 12pm View


    Date Start time End time Meeting minutes
    06/04/2022 11am 12pm download
    04/05/2022 11am 12pm download
    10/06/2022 10am 11am download
    06/07/2022 10am 12pm download
    09/08/2022 10am 12pm download
    09/09/2022 10am 12pm download
    14/10/2022 10am 12pm download
    08/11/2022 10am 12pm download
    09/12/2022 10am 12pm N/A – end-to-end walkthrough
    10/01/2023 10am 12pm download
    07/02/2023 10am 12pm download
    07/03/2023 10am 12pm download
    16/06/2023 10am 12pm We'll share the meeting minutes as soon as they're available. 
    10/07/2023 10am 12pm We'll share the meeting minutes as soon as they're available. 
    18/08/2023 10am 12pm download


    Good system, very user friendly and simple to update contacts!

    CMS delivery roadmap - May 2023

    Owing to the delay with the launch of Version 1.4 – we are currently assessing the impact of delivering the remaining processes and functionality.

    Once this assessment has concluded a revised roadmap will be provided.


    CMS rebuild rollout

    The information below details the CMS versions, release dates and any associated release notes, and explains which version of the CMS you will need to use to access specific Contact types and functionality. 


    Version Release date Release notes
    1.4 14 August 2023

    Version includes:

    • Address Amendments (ADD/ UNC) and Network Raised Meter Number (DMN) processes alongside the Bulk file functionality
    1.3 24 April 2023

    Version includes: 

    • the addition of Isolation (ISO) and Dead to Live (DTL) contact codes
    • the ability for referred stakeholders (DNs or IGTs) to contact the contact originator to clarify the request or provide extra detail 
    • reduced contacts incorrectly raised as DTL or ISO contacts
    • the ability to easily provide an alternative address where there may be discrepancies between addresses on UK Link / GES and the address the Shipper has
    1.2 Target release date: mid-August 2023

    Version includes:

    • the ability to bulk upload MNC, STE, DUP, ADD and DMN contacts via the screen using the new Bulk Contact Logging (BCL). This will be delivered alongside V1.4 
    1.1 12 December 2022

    Version includes:

    • Duplicate Meter Point (DUP) Process and the new Set to Extinct (STE) contact codes
    • Originator clarification (OC) and Configuration change (CC) functionality
    • Functionality to remove workaround requirement (see version 1 release notes)
    1 26 October 2022

    Version includes:

    • Shipper MNC and Supplier Theft of Gas contacts.

    Please note that whilst the new Supplier Theft of Gas process has been delivered it is dependent upon a change in the REC Code to become operational.

    Two small items of functionality are being refined and need a workaround.

    Version 1 release notes

    Contact type or functionality  Description Where can it be accessed?  CMS rebuild version Additional information 
    Shipper Meter Number Creation (MNC)  Allows Shippers to request that a Supply Meter Point (SMP) is recorded in UK Link. This will be managed in the new version of CMS, instead of the manual process. Network-raised M Number Creations will continue to be logged in the current CMS – this will eventually transfer to the new version in a later release and will be called DMN. New CMS 1 XRN 5556 - CMS Version 1
    Supplier Theft of Gas (TOG) The Theft of Gas (TOG) process involves the recording and facilitation of investigations into theft allegations. Where appropriate, it is also used to recover Transportation Charges.  New CMS 1 XRN 5556 - CMS Version 1
    Duplicate Meter Point (DUP) A challenge that informs us when single service pipes have more than one MPRN recorded in UK Link. New CMS 1.1 XRN 5556B - CMS Version 1.1
    Set to Extinct (STE) A request to change the status of an MPRN to extinct.

    New CMS  or manual process for bulk requests

    1.1 XRN 5556B - CMS Version 1.1
    Bulk Contact Log (BCL) The ability to bulk upload / Bulk Contact Log (BCL). 

    *The .QMP file should be used for bulk upload of Contact types still in the older version of CMS. You can't load any Contact types that have moved over to the newer version with the .QMP file. 

    New CMS or manual process* 1.2 XRN 5556C - CMS rebuild version 1.2
    Isolation Request (ISO) A challenge to the status of a Supply Meter Point (Service Pipe).  New CMS 1.3 XRN 5556D - CMS Version 1.3
    Dead to Live (DTL) A challenge to the status of a Supply Meter Point (Service Pipe).  New CMS 1.3 XRN 5556D - CMS Version 1.3
    Address Amendment (ADD) A challenge to the address that is on UK Link which you consider is in line with a PAF valid format and improves the recorded address.  New CMS 1.4 XRN 5556E - CMS Version 1.4
    Unconfirmed Address Amendment (UNC) A challenge to the address or postcode details of a site on UK Link that’s currently unconfirmed.  New CMS 1.4 XRN 5556E - CMS Version 1.4
    Found Meter - Tagged Service (FOM) A request to create your MPRN for a live Supply Meter Point (with or without a meter serial number) where UK link has no live record. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Network (MNC) Allows Networks to request that a Supply Meter Point (SMP) is recorded in UK Link.  Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Distribution Network raised M Number Creation (DMN) Allows Networks to request that a Supply Meter Point is recorded in UK Link. This will be managed in the new version of CMS New CMS 1.4 XRN 5556E - CMS Version 1.4

    Request for Adjustment (RFA)

    A request for adjustment in accordance with late meter exchanges/ corrective exchanges and incorrect Correction Factors Old CMS Targeted for 1.5 XRN 5556F - CMS Version 1.5
    Daily Metered Query (DMQ) A request for the Daily Meter Service Provider to investigate the daily read/consumption information or daily read equipment. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Consumption Dispute Query (CDQ) A challenge to the consumption for a large supply point, as a consequence of incorrect reading data (bundled / unbundled) being recorded in UK Link.  Old CMS Targeted for 1.5 XRN 5556F - CMS Version 1.5
    Must Reads (MUR) When a meter reading has not been provided by the registered users, within agreed timeframes, the Gas Transporter will use reasonable endeavours to procure a meter reading. These reads are referred to as Must Reads. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Manage Unregistered Sites (MUS)


    An MUS contact is raised for every Meter Point Reference Number which has reached the anniversary of its creation date, remains Unregistered and has a Meter Point Status of LI.

    Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Gas Safety Regulations (GSR) A contact is raised following Network investigations, concluding a service is still live at the property, with a meter attached and possibly flowing gas. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Swapped address A term for describing a pair of addresses which have the meter details transposed and associated with the wrong address. This situation may also be known as ‘crossed meters’. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Twin Stream Challenges (AGG) A challenge where a Shipper believes that a Twin Stream Meter is/isn’t situated but not reflected on UK Link. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Prime and Subs Invoice (PSI) A challenge to charges received for a prime or sub meter.  Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Daily Metered Reconciliation (DMR) A challenge to daily metered (DM) sites following or prior to invoice issue. An invoice number is not required to log this Contact type. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    Prime and Sub Configuration Change (PRS) A challenge to the link code currently held on UK Link for a freestanding meter or a prime and sub meter configuration. Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC
    File Enquiry (FLE)

     This Contact type has two purposes: 

    1. An enquiry regarding a rejection response you have received for an SPA File or a Contact Management Service file. Note: Contact Management Service files are QMP/QMJ/QMR/QCL/QEX

    2. Utilised to raise a request to amend meter details held on UK Link for a Prime and Sub Deduce Configuration

    Old CMS or manual process TBC TBC


    Helpful documents and training material

    Find the documents and training material we’ve published during the rebuild project below.

    Access our e-learning course which contains helpful videos and user guides dedicated to the new Contact Management Service (CMS).

    New CMS training course

    Pain points and requirements 

    This document includes all the requirements we pulled together from early customer workshops.

    CMS rebuild – all pain points and requirements


    Flow diagrams of ideal processes

    The documents below show how each new process will flow.

    Please note that XC refers to cross communication, DC refers to data clarification and PSC is a previously submitted contact.




    GSR (with requirements)

    GSR (no requirements)






    TOG (with requirements)

    TOG (no requirements)


    Miro board content

    These documents show how we developed ideas and collaborated through the rebuild project.


    Consumption Adjustments



    Shipperless and Unregistered - MUS

    Shipperless and Unregistered - GSR

    Theft of Gas






    Common queries

    If your new CMS account is disabled please contact your Local Security Officer (LSO) who will be able to help you.

    You can access the new version of CMS here.

    For any Contact types that have not moved over to the new version of CMS, you'll need to log in to the older version of CMS here. You can check which Contacts have moved over in our Contact types and functionality table

    You can also download our 'How to access the new CMS' guide below.


    You’ll need to contact your Local Security Officer (LSO) who will be able to identify your User ID and if necessary reset your password.

    If you don’t know who your LSO is, please raise a support request.

    Log in to the new CMS

    We're currently rebuilding the CMS, which is available alongside the old version.

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    Hear from our customers

    Read testimonials from customers who are using the new CMS. 

    Read testimonials
    Big improvement from the old CMS.

    Contact us

    Please raise a support request if you'd like more information on the CMS rebuild project. 

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    Register for a customer focus group

    You can register for a customer focus group using the link below.

    Bring on the full system rebuild!