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XRN 5604
Shipper Agreed Read (SAR) exceptions process (Modification 0811S)

Last Updated
26 Feb 2024
Release Type
Implementation Date
24 Feb 2024
Proposer SEFE Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 1 (Current Apr 21)

Manage Shipper Transfers

Customer Change Team Leader


This change has been raised in to deliver the requirements set out under UNC Modification 0811S, in order to provide a remedy for SARs that have failed to be progressed (exceptions) within a reasonable period, to be proactively managed by the Central Data Services Provider (CDSP).

Both Shippers should attempt to amend the transfer read in line with the SAR within 2 months after it was agreed. Currently only the Proposing User can submit the SAR to the CDSP. If this has not occurred, then under this change, the CDSP can be contacted for support and ensure the new agreed read is recorded centrally.

When the CDSP needs to be contacted for support, the Shipper should provide them with suitable evidence of the new agreed read.
The CDSP will then notify the other Shipper of the new agreed read and will, in the absence of any relevant rejection, process the new agreed read centrally.

Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper
  • DNO


Document title Comment Last updated CHMC outcome
Change Proposal CP raised 13/01/2023 Approved at ChMC 11th January 2023
DSG Discussion N/A 03/04/2023 N/A
High Level Solution Options N/A 17/04/2023 N/A
Solution Review 3165.3 - VO - PO 12/05/2023

ChMC approved Solution Option 1

DSG Discussion N/A 21/08/2023


Detailed Design 3213.2 - VO - PO 14/09/2023

Approved at ChMC 13/09/2023

February 24 Release e-learning Online e-learning course 12/02/2024


Evaluation Quotation Reports (EQR) Stage not required   N/A
Business Evaluation Reports (BER) For Approval 16/10/2023 Approved at ChMC 11/10/23
Change Completion Reports (CCR) Stage not yet reached   N/A


Initial Review
CP raised 22/12/22
Status CP will be presented at ChMC for approval at ChMC to proceed into Capture
Approved into capture 11/01/23
Status January ChMC approved into Capture
Solution Consultation
Solution Review Change Pack Issued 17/04/23
Status Consultation close out on 02.05.2023
Awaiting Delivery
ChMC approved Solution Option 1 10/05/23
Status Detailed Design will commence
In Delivery
Detail Design Change Pack issued 14/08/23
Status Detailed Design approved at ChMC 13/09/2023
Expected: 24/02/24
Status Successfully Implemented

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