We’re playing a crucial role in the journey towards a cleaner, greener future for the gas industry.

We’re maintaining the leading role we play in the evolving decarbonisation and net zero journey

With a number of ground-breaking projects and trials across the energy sector, there’s an ever-increasing number of opportunities for us to make a difference.

For the gas industry, success hinges on collaboration – which will be vital to ensuring minimal cost is passed onto consumers.

We’re in a unique position to share knowledge and bring industry thinking together, as we support a range of innovative projects.


What this involves

As part of our decarbonisation business case, we are:

  • supporting the development of:

    • hydrogen trials including H100 – covering 300 domestic supply points

    • the Hydrogen Village – covering 2,000 domestic and Industrial and Commercial supply points

    • the Hydrogen Town – covering 10,000 domestic and Industrial and Commercial supply points

  • supporting early engagement and scoping of other projects, including Future Billing Methodology, Hydrogen Checker and Project Union

  • continuing to support the navigation of the political and industry landscape on behalf of customers


Customer benefits

  • Centralised and shared cost of maintaining representation in the hydrogen debate.

  • Improved understanding across the industry of related project developments, outcomes and policy decisions.

  • Development of centralised subject matter expertise.

  • Ability to fund additional initiatives in-year, subject to customer approval.

  • Industry stakeholders stay updated on decarbonisation initiatives.


Read our 2023 Business Plan for full business case details

We’ll share quarterly updates on our progress from the end of Q1 for BP23. 

Read our 2023 Business Plan to find more information on this business case.