General Change

The annual investment our customers make to the General Change budget. This funds the development of changes by the Data Services Contract (DSC) Change Management Committee (ChMC).

Funding for the design, build, test and implementation of all DSC ChMC approved changes

Changes are most likely to emanate from code modifications, and/or changes to our products and services.

Any changes selected for implementation go through extensive industry consultation, passing through what’s known as the ‘capture’ process. Those driven by regulatory amendments follow the code modification process.


What this involves

Design activities for changes occur throughout the year.

We deliver and implement these changes as part of our periodic Major Releases, or as standalone deliveries.

The General Change budget includes:

  • funding for Performance Assurance Committee (PAC) reporting change

  • coordination and delivery of market trials if they are required for a Major Release

  • Retail Energy Code (REC) impact assessments and change delivery


Customer benefits

  • Flexible and customer-driven capability to enable the delivery of as-yet unknown changes following ChMC approval.

  • Delivery of short notice mandated industry code obligations and/or central system and process efficiencies.

  • Intuitive new and amended MI aiding settlement risk management in PAC.

  • Ability to process REC change without compromising timescales for the development and delivery of other changes.


Read our 2023 Business Plan for full business case details

We’ll share quarterly updates on our progress from the end of Q1 for BP23. 

Read our 2023 Business Plan to find more information on this business case.