Open and Timely Data

Improving how we manage and provide data to our Data Services Contract (DSC) customers.

The continuation of a multi-year programme to improve how we manage and provide data to our DSC customers

Our customers increasingly need to access the data we manage in a secure and easy way.

We’re continuing to expand the Data Discovery Platform (DDP) offering to provide greater insight into our customers’ data.


What this involves

We’re proposing to deliver six new releases in DDP, with the scope of each release prioritised by customers.

The top customer priorities include the ability to visualise MPRN-level data that underpins settlement processes such as:

  • Annual Quantity (AQ) calculation

  • amendment and price forecasting based on actual usage


Customer benefits

  • Delivery of changes into self-serve channels as prioritised by customers.

  • Close to real-time MPRN-level view of data that underpins key settlement processes.

  • Ability to use a new dashboard and data to identify erroneous settlement costs and forecast future costs.

  • Reduced need to raise change requests to access data.

  • Capability to analyse larger, more complex data sets.

  • Improved integration with our customers’ systems through APIs.


Read our 2023 Business Plan for full business case details

We’ll share quarterly updates on our progress from the end of Q1 for BP23. 

Read our 2023 Business Plan to find more information on this business case.