Energy invoices: payment timings and escalation process

When energy invoices must be paid, the escalation process for late payments, and where to go to get support.

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    When do energy invoices need to be paid?

    These invoices, which are normally issued to customers through the Information Exchange (IX) are due for payment on the 12th calendar day following receipt.

    Payment will be made in full and shall not be subject to any deduction, set off or withholding.


    What happens if the payment is late?

    If the customer fails to make payment by the payment due date, a failure to pay notice is issued the next business day. A copy of this notice is also sent to Ofgem.

    If payment is still not received by the end of the following business day, the matter is referred to the Energy Balancing Credit Committee (EBCC) who convene and decide on further action to take.


    Further information on invoicing

    The link below takes you to Section S.3 of the Uniform Network Code on the Joint Office website which outlines payment terms for Energy related invoices.

    UNC Section S | Joint office of Gas Transporters


    Who to contact for further support

    Email us with your query at the following address, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Need more help?

    For more help with invoicing, please raise a support request.

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