30 January 2024

Discover the latest updates on the Gemini Sustain Plus programme and see what key milestones are approaching to prepare you for the new system.

We’re working with National Gas Transmission to upgrade and modernise the Gemini System

Gemini will continue to provide Capacity and Balancing services, while also delivering system compliance against new Uniform Network Code (UNC) modifications.

We’ll implement the upgraded Gemini System in September 2024.


Upcoming opportunities to prepare you for the new system 

As part of this work, we’ll be running connectivity, onboarding and market trial phases to prepare you for the new system.

Connectivity and onboarding – 1 April to 31 July

During this period, we’ll begin connecting all Gemini users to the market trials and production environments (including API and IX/Cloud IX connections).

We’ll also onboard all Gemini users (individual and API accounts) with credentials for the new system.

This phase will be mandatory for all Gemini users. Any users who don’t participate in this stage will be unable to carry out any Gemini processes when the new system launches.

Market trials – 3 June to 12 July

During this period, if you’re a Gemini user, you’ll have the chance to familiarise yourself with the new system before it launches.

We highly recommend you take this opportunity to understand the new screens and features these updates will deliver.


What you need to do next

Let us know if your organisation hasn’t been contacted

We’ve begun contacting all Local Security Officers (LSOs) as part of a Gemini audit, as we prepare for connectivity testing and onboarding. If your organisation hasn’t received any communications, please email our team at Geminiengagement@correla.com

Register your interest in market trials

If you’d like to take part in our market trials phase, please register your interest by completing the following form.

Register your interest


Join our Gemini Sustain Plus focus groups

In our focus groups we share more in-depth information about the Gemini Sustain Plus programme.

If your organisation doesn’t have a representative in these sessions, you can arrange one by emailing our team at Geminiengagement@correla.com.


Look out for more information

We’ll continue to share information about the programme in the coming months.

In the meantime you can view more information, including focus group documents and common queries, on our dedicated webpage.

Gemini Sustain Plus

Modernising Gemini through the Sustain Plus programme.

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