1 July 2020

On Wednesday 10th June we issued a communication inviting people to participate in Requirement Clarification workshops as part of the Gemini System Enhancements (GSE) project. Based on the responses received we have arranged three different workshops:

  • Thursday 9th July 2020 – Gemini API

The Gemini API workshop will focus on a number of requirements raised in relation to existing and new APIs for Gemini.

  • Monday 13th July 2020 – Gemini Performance

The Gemini Performance workshop will look at possible ways of improving the performance of the Gemini system.

  • Thursday 16th July 2020 – Gemini Balancing and Capacity

The Gemini Balancing and Capacity workshop will concentrate various requirements raised in relation to Balancing and Capacity screens.

If you haven’t responded to the original invite but would like to be involved there’s still time! Please register for the workshop(s) you would like to attend via one of our Eventbrite links –

Gemini APIs workshop

Gemini Performance workshop

Gemini Balancing and Capacity workshop

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