15 September 2022

On Monday 19 September, we’re joining the nation in mourning the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. We’re sharing all you need to know about how this may impact some of our processes.

Last week, we shared our condolences following the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Recently, the Government announced that the Queen’s funeral on Monday 19 September will be a bank holiday.

On Wednesday 14 September, we categorised Monday 19 September as a ‘Non-Business Day’ in our UK Link System.


What does this mean?

Any processes that use ‘Business Days’ or ‘Supply Point System Business Days’ that are processed on or after Thursday 15 September in UK Link will consider Monday 19 September as a ‘Non-Business Day’.

We determine and apply ‘Business Days’ and ‘Supply Point Systems Business Days’ in our UK Link System in advance at the start of the year. Revisions to these days require complex analysis, amendments and communications. As a result, any effective date that was calculated before 19 September was recorded as a bank holiday, (before 14 September), will be retained in our UK Link Systems.

After consulting with the Demand Estimation Sub Committee (DESC), we’ve agreed that the Demand Profiles for gas day 19 September used in the Non Daily Metered (NDM) Nomination and Allocation processes will not be updated to reflect the bank holiday. This is owing to the unprecedented nature of this event and the resulting lack of time available to consider alternative demand adjustments and updates to our core systems.


Distribution Networks – what you may need to do

Invoices issued on 6 and 7 September 2022 will have a payment due date of Monday 19 September 2022. Distribution Networks may need to make amendments to payment due dates for these invoices.

Payments for the Local Distribution Zone (LDZ) and National Transmission System (NTS) Capacity invoices are due on 20 September, so no action is required.

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While this is an unprecedented event for us all, and there is no benchmark for how it should be treated, we’ll continue to share any additional impacts that will be relevant to all stakeholders. We may also engage with any additionally impacted parties directly.

If you have any questions relating to any of the above, please contact CustomerExperience@xoserve.com.

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