23 July 2020

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the ‘Gamechanger’ award at tonight’s Network Awards. This award will recognise a non-network company that has developed a product or technology which is being used by a network to help them with their operations. Through our Data Discovery Platform (DDP), we are providing our customers with a suite of dashboards that allow them to access, visualise and analyse data through intuitive user interfaces.

Customers across all areas of the gas industry, with a wide range of various strategic objectives and operational requirements, are all able to use the DDP to explore and interrogate data, identify trends and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the gas industry as a whole. This saves the industry time and will ultimately save end consumers money.

The Network Awards is an amazing opportunity for us to be recognised for our commitment to paving the way for quicker and better solutions to managing the networks and we eagerly await the result of tonight’s awards.

View our Data Discovery Platform (DDP) webpage to access the platform and discover the benefits it can provide for our customers.

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