23 September 2022

We’re sharing all you need to know, as we enter the second phase of the Xoserve Services Portal move to cloud project.


In July, we successfully moved the Xoserve Services Portal to the cloud and launched the new Gas Enquiry Service (GES) on behalf of the Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo).

During this first phase of work, we shared a number of documents and information to help you during this transition. You can still read our previous news article to find out more.

​While we made every attempt to ensure little disruption to users, we received high levels of support requests. Following a review, we’ve been able to resolve those concerns and use our learnings to alleviate similar issues for phase two.


What's involved with phase two? 

Over the coming weeks, we'll now be migrating the UK Link System to the new, cloud-based portal. 

Most UK Link users are already existing Xoserve Services Portal users, as they were migrated as part of phase one. This means during the phase two implementation on Monday 17 October, we'll: 

  • Add a new UK Link tile to your portal homepage, where you can access the service directly 

  • Disable the temporary URL you have been using (since July) and redirect users to the new portal 

For the small number of users not yet migrated to the new Xoserve Services, we'll add you to the existing user base. From Monday 17 October, you'll start accessing UK Link via the cloud-based portal going forwards. 

We've created the guidance section below to support your first login. 


Supporting material and guidance

How to log in to the Xoserve Services Portal

Watch this short video on how to log in to the Xoserve Services Portal.

You can also download the accompanying 'how to' guide below.


Chrome - clearing your cache and using Incognito mode

A short video on clearing your cache and using Incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser.

Download the accompanying 'how to' guide below.


Edge - clearing your cache and using InPrivate mode

A short video on clearing your cache and using InPrivate mode in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Download the accompanying 'how to' guide below.


Check your browser compatibility 

Click the link below to see if your current browser supports the new portal. If the message shows as ‘not supported’ please follow the link on the page for information on supported browsers and settings. You may need to speak to your IT department to upgrade your browser.

Check browser compatibility 



What your organisation needs to do

Read our technical guidance

During the first phase of this project, some of you encountered issues with your organisation’s network and privacy configurations. This left some of you unable to access the Xoserve Services Portal or the Gas Enquiry Service (GES).

We've asked Data Services Contract (DSC) Contract Managers to liaise with your own IT or security teams and share the following technical guidance:

  • Technical guidance for the Xoserve Services Portal testing URLs – view

  • Technical guidance for enduring cloud-based services (including all services within Xoserve Services Portal and CMS) – view

If you have any technical questions for any of these areas, please email uklinkdelivery@xoserve.com.

External connectivity testing is also underway for organisations that have requested it. This will run until Friday 30 September. 

Review user data

We're contacting your Local Security Officers (LSOs) directly to ensure that user data is reviewed ahead of the implementation. This will help us ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. 


Get in touch

If you have any questions about the information we've shared in this update, please email us at customerexperience@xoserve.com

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