2 November 2021

XRN 5142 continues as planned, but other remaining changes postponed

Ahead of the extraordinary Change Management Committee meeting on 1 November 2021, DSC Change Managers were asked to review three options for the Nov 21 UK Link Major Release:    

  1. continue with the full scope delivery as per the current November 21 plan 

  2. deliver XRN 5142, but delay the rest of the release until 22-23 January 2022 

  3. deliver the whole release scope on 22-23 January 2022

DSC Change Managers voted in favour of option two – the delivery of XRN5142 (New Allowable Values for DCC Service Flag in DXI File from DCC) as planned on 6-7 November 2021.

All other remaining changes will be delivered on 22-23 January 2022.

Updated delivery schedule

Deliver 6-7 November 2021  Deliver 22-23 January 2022 
XRN5142 – New Allowable Values for DCC Service Flag in DXI File from DCC XRN4941 – MOD0692 – Auto updates to meter read frequency 
  XRN5007 – Enhancement to reconciliation process where prevailing volume is zero
  XRN5072 – Application and derivation of TTZ indicator and calculation of volume and energy (all classes)
  XRN5180 – Inner tolerance validation for replacement reads and read insertion
  XRN4780c – Inclusion of Meter Asset Provider Identity (MAP Id) in the UK Link system

We’ll continue to keep you and the industry updated

We’ve shared this latest update directly with our customers and we’ll circulate updated change packs within the next two weeks, which will cover the postponed changes.  

For XRN 5142, we’ll continue to share our usual release notification communications in line with the existing change pack, ahead of this weekend's implementation.  

For more information, please email James Rigby at james.rigby@xoserve.com, or call 0121 229 2278.


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