24 February 2022

Following Ofgem’s approval of Uniform Network Code (UNC) Modification 0785, we’re letting you know when Part A will be implemented.

Ofgem has approved UNC 0785

On Wednesday 23 February, Ofgem approved the delivery of ‘UNC 0785 – Application of UNC processes to an aggregated Bacton (exit) Interconnection Point’.

This will provide the facility to place bids in Capacity auctions for the new aggregated Bacton exit Interconnection Point (IP).


We’ll implement Part A of the Gemini changes on 25 February

Following Ofgem’s decision, we will implement Part A of UNC 0785 Gemini changes on Friday 25 February 2022. This includes the delivery of associated Gemini System requirements needed to implement UNC 0785.

These changes will become effective for Gas Day Tuesday 1 March.

The first auction to offer capacity at the aggregated point will be the day ahead auction on Monday 28 February.


Find out more 

February Change Pack

You can find full details of this change in the February Change Pack.



UNC 0785 awareness course

We've created a course that explains UNC 0785 and the changes we will deliver. 

Access course


If you'd like more information on UNC Modification 0785, you can find full details on the Joint Office of Gas Transporters website. 

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