30 October 2020

Today we've published the second draft of our 2021 Business Plan (BP21). This document sets out our budget for the financial year commencing 1st April 2021 and provides our forecasts for the following two financial years. We welcome our customers’ views on this draft plan.

The draft plan builds on our BP21 Principles and Approach document where we set out our approach to developing BP21 and the key issues that we need to consider, incorporating customer feedback to date and detailing our planned investment activity and financial planning.

The publication of the first draft of our BP21 marked the next step in this process, consolidating the customer feedback we received and outlining in detail our financial forecasting, investment focus areas, customer engagement approach and constituency-specific information for consideration.

This second draft continues to be built with our customers in mind, with changes reflective of the feedback received during the recent customer consultation period. The principle changes have been captured in a separate document published alongside the business plan.

What happens next?

A consultation on the draft Plan has been launched today and will run until Friday 20th November. Please send your consultation responses to CustomerExperience@xoserve.com.

We will use this feedback to update the Business Plan and publish a document collating feedback and responses received from our customers.


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