9 May 2023

Read about the changes we’ve made to our support request journeys, to route GES queries to their destinations faster.

Through Xoserve.com, you can report process queries or technical issues with the services that we manage.

We’ve introduced new options to the support request process, allowing you to report issues on more specific areas.


Specific Gas Enquiry Service (GES) reporting options

We’ve expanded our GES support requests to three options: 

  • GES online portal issues – for problems involving the GES portal, such as access or display issues

  • GES technical issues – for API issues or technical problems relating to data quality or performance

  • Other GES issues – for any other topic, such as GES reporting

With these three areas, we can route your query to the right destination for investigation faster than ever.

Useful and relevant common queries

Each of the three options feature common queries that we regularly receive on each topic.

Through these, where possible, our aim is to answer your query before its even raised.

We’ll continue to tailor these common queries further based on the insight we gather from the overall issue-reporting process.


Report an issue with GES

If you need to report an issue that you’re experiencing with the Gas Enquiry Service (GES), you can raise a support request below.

Raise a support request



Get in touch

If you have any feedback on these changes or on our website as a whole, please email us at customerexperience@xoserve.com.

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