11 April 2024

We’ve recently made some key changes to our Executive Team

"We’re making important strategic changes in Xoserve to support the evolving needs of our customers, and the wider gas industry.

Our new Executive Team will use their experience and expertise to steer us towards achieving our strategic goals."

Steve Brittan - CEO


Meet the team

Dave Turpin – Director of Programmes and Service Delivery

Dave holds vast experience encompassing our business processes and systems, the regulatory environment we operate in, and major change programmes we manage on behalf of the industry. He understands fully the criticality of all these areas to our customers.

In this role, he’ll use this experience to ensure that our evolving service requirements, continuity of service and effective change delivery are considered collectively.


James Spicer – Director of Finance and Shared Services

James has a wide scope of responsibilities covering a range of critical areas.

He’s responsible for all aspects of CDSP budget, audit, risk, Information Security, contracts and people services. He also provides assurance to our Board and Customers of our compliance with our Finance, Governance and Ownership arrangements.

As Chair of our Customer Advisory Board, he plays a pivotal role in driving improved efficiencies and savings internally, while influencing best practice and driving change across the gas sector.

James has extensive experience in the utilities sector, having previously worked at Severn Trent and Calor Gas.


Clive Nicholas – Director of Strategy and Development (Interim)

This year has seen a clearer industry and regulatory direction established around hydrogen blending and code reform. Our Director of Strategy and Development is responsible for ensuring our infrastructure, activities and stakeholder engagement continue to reflect the evolving industry we operate in.

Clive has previously held several Executive roles and has extensive experience across the utilities sector.




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