1 December 2020

Over the past year we have been working even harder to provide an exceptional service for our customers by using the feedback they have provided.

A key team within Xoserve who have been instrumental in delivering a service to help and support our customers through this unprecedented time is the Customer Data Service Team (CDS). CDS provides many services to several gas industry organisations. A significant number of these are the controlled delivery of data distribution services. The data needs to be delivered on time, to the right place, it is secure, complete and accurate. As a business, we continually review our systems and processes, not only to ensure they are robust and accurate but to ensure they’re secure.

By reviewing the team processes, CDS exposed imposter callers who were claiming to be a legitimate user of the Datasearch Helpline. It took the team a significant amount of time to monitor Datasearch calls and piece together the findings. It highlighted how customers were being compromised, and following the investigation, the Shippers involved took immediate action to reinforce their internal practices and procedures to avoid this happening again.

Not only did our customers praise the studious research and presentation of the facts relating to the data security findings, they were also extremely grateful for the significant financial saving to their organisations, as CDS worked to offer more appropriate service costings.

In addition to this great success, through hard work, determination and fantastic team work, the CDS Team has achieved Grade of Service for all five lines over the last three months. The team managed to answer at least 91% in under 30 seconds whilst still providing a quick and efficient service to our customers.

If you would like to find out more about the Datasearch Helpline and how it can help your organisation, please contact Lee Jackson or Dave Ackers for more information.

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