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XRN 5368
Gemini Change Programme - Sustain

Last Updated
13 Feb 2023
Release Type
Implementation Date
29 May 2022
Proposer National Gas Transmission Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 14 (Current Apr 21)

Gemini Services

Customer Change Team Leader


The purpose of this Change Proposal is to request Xoserve to deliver the below work streams as described in BP21 roadmap:

XRN5368.1 - Batch Processing Review:  Review Control-M service provision and vendor recommendations (from recent contractual review negotiations) to set up new system upgrades. - INTERNAL CHANGE

XRN5368.2 - Single Sign-on Solution: Addressing a primary industry pain point, provide a single sign-on experience by integrating Citrix and Gemini credentials with a single identity management solution. - SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTATED ON 29th MAY 2022

XRN5368.3 - Enhanced API platform: Upgrade the API portal and automate extracts and formatting avoiding the needs for CSV files, to address an industry pain point. - SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTATED ON 7th MAY 2022

XRN5368.4 - Workflow Automation Feasibility and Analysis: A detailed review of Gemini system utility to scope areas where greater system automation can be implemented. - INTERNAL

XRN5368.5 - SiteMinder upgrade: Improvement works to SiteMinder to ensure resilience and maintain licencing support.- SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTATED ON 22nd MAY 2022


Internal activities for National Gas Transmission

Test Automation: Building on this approach FY21 successes, the sustain roadmap will further support automated testing activities via the tool of choice, TOSCA.

BP22 Mobilisation: Review and proposal delivery of continued works under BP22 for FY23.


Impacted Customer Types

  • NGT
  • Shipper
  • DNO


Document title Comment Last updated CHMC outcome
Change Proposal Stage not yet reached 09/06/2021 Approved into Capture 09/06/2021
Initial Review Stage not used N/A N/A
DSG Discussions N/A 21/06/2021 N/A
High Level Solution Options Stage not used N/A N/A
Solution Review Stage not used N/A N/A
Detailed Design Approved 12/01/2022 Approved 12/01/2022
Evaluation Quotation Reports (EQR) Stage not yet reached N/A N/A
Business Evaluation Reports (BER) Stage not yet reached 13/04/2022 Approved 13/04/2022
Change Completion Reports (CCR) Approved 14/02/2023 Approved 08/02/2023


Initial Review
Change Proposal Raised 27/05/21
Status Awaiting ChMC approval
Approved to Capture 09/06/21
Status ChMC approved into Capture
Solution Consultation
Expected: 00/00/00
Status Stage not used
Awaiting Delivery
Expected: 00/00/00
Status Stage not used
In Delivery
Detailed Design Change Pack awaiting approval ChMC 12/01/2022 12/01/22
Status Detailed Design Change Pack approved ChMC 12/01/2022 - (Staggered Implementations)
Implemented on 29/05/22
Status All external parts successfully Implemented

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