26 June 2020

The Gemini Re-Platforming project will replace the infrastructure on which Gemini resides, in order to provide stability for the next few years.

The Re-Platforming project is replacing ageing infrastructure and Gemini will be moved to a new cloud-based solution, with existing Gemini functionality replicated in the new design.

Implementation is planned for Sunday 5th July 2020.

While there’ll be no functional changes to the Gemini system, external users accessing the system will see some visible changes to the Citrix log on screen.

To support these changes, we have carried out an external connectivity testing exercise in April and May. Feedback from the exercise has been very positive, and we would like to thank everyone who volunteered to take part. This allowed us to test a number of different access routes into Gemini; via the upgraded Citrix Receiver Client, the Citrix web browser and Application Programme Interfaces (APIs).

What happens next and how will you be impacted?

There will be an extended Gemini system outage on Sunday 5th July to implement the planned changes.

The Extended Outage window is anticipated to be between eight to twelve hours.

The timescale for implementation on Sunday 5th July is:

  • 03:00 – 05:00 usual Gemini Maintenance Window
  • 05:00 – 13:00 extended outage

If a rollback is required, this would take place from 13:00 – 17:00

Any actions required from the external users to complete their system related activities and processes prior to the implementation day will be communicated via Industry communications nearer the time.

Citrix access changes

Customers who access Gemini via Citrix, please note the following changes will take place as part of the Gemini Re-Platforming Project: 

  1. Citrix Receiver client being used by the users to access the system is being upgraded from V6.5 to V7.15.  This will not impact Industry users who do not wish to upgrade their Citrix Client Version, as the option to access Citrix via a web browser is also available.  
  2. In order to be compliant with the Security Standards, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) is also being upgraded. This means the Gemini system will be compatible with TLS Version 1.2.  TLSV1.0 is not being decommissioned at this stage.      

All passwords are going to be migrated into the new cloud environment, two days before the implementation.  Therefore, if you change your password within this two-day period, your latest password may not be reflected in the new system post implementation.  If you have an issue with your password, please request a password reset via the Xoserve Service Desk on 0845 6000 506 or email us at servicedesk@xoserve.com.

Where can I find out more information?

Full details of this change was issued in the January 2020 Change Pack and can be found on our website.

If you have any questions, please email Box.GasOps.BusinessC@nationalgrid.com.

Please watch our walkthrough video to help with the Citrix upgrade and connectivity to Gemini.

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