12 January 2021

In October we made you aware that the XP1 Capability would be upgraded. We can confirm that these changes have now taken place.

XP1 tokens are used as an alternative means of logging in to the Gemini system in the event that the primary access route is unavailable.

As part of CP4869 DC Exit Programme, the XP1 capability has been re hosted. As a consequence, and so that XP1 tokens can still be used to access Gemini, there is a requirement to download the appropriate software. Downloading the software will also provide additional system security for XP1 users. 

Action required:

  • The required XP1 software, both PulseSecure.x64.msi and msi is available via the Xoserve website at https://www.xoserve.com/systems/gemini/ and  https://www.xoserve.com/systems/gemini/gemini-contingencies/
  • All Gemini System Users who use XP1 tokens to access Gemini, are required to download and install this software
  • Until 31st December 2020, both old and new software allowed access via an XP1 token
  • From 1st January 2021, the new software referenced above is required to access Gemini using an XP1 token. If the software is not downloaded, the XP1 token will not work from this date
  • The XP1 user guide has been updated and is available on the Xoserve website

If you need any further information please contact Matt Stephens, via box.xoserve.DCExitPr@xoserve.com

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