We’ve published the final version of our Business Plan

Our Business Planning cycle has now concluded with the publication of our approved 2021 Business Plan.

Published on 29 Jan 2021

Our Business Plan reflects our extensive customer consultation and was approved by the Xoserve Board on 20th January 2021.

The Plan sets out our budget for the next financial year, commencing 1st April 2021, and provides forecasts for the next two financial years. This includes a recap of our strategy and our goals for the next three years along with our planning assumptions and a summary of the consultation process. There is also a suite of financial schedules with key information on our expenditure requirements and how these are funded by our customer constituencies.

Click here to visit our Vision and Strategy webpage where you will also find the BP21 final version documents.

We will be sharing our initial thoughts on our 2022 Business Plan later this year. 

BP21 Final Version (singles)

Last updated on 29 Jan 2021

BP21 Final Version (spreads)

Last updated on 29 Jan 2021