Investment themes

View the industry investment themes outlined in our business plan.


As part of our role supporting Britain’s gas market, we manage a range of industry-wide changes and investments. 

These are set out in our annual business plans.

By implementing these changes, we continue to meet regulatory and commercial demands – and keep the industry running smoothly.

Funding for these investments is split between different groups of customers.  

Investment themes

The industry changes we manage are grouped into core focus areas.

Select from the themes below to discover what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and where to find more helpful information. 

You can find more detail in our 2022 Business Plan.


Exceptional Customer Experience

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We're relentlessly seeking to make every customer contact an exceptional experience through our multi-channel services.

Opening Up Our Data

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We’re continuing to improve how we manage and provide data to our Data Services Contract (DSC) customers.

Gemini Roadmap

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The industry’s Capacity and Balancing regimes are evolving. Our Gemini Roadmap lays out the improvements we need to make to our Gemini System to facilitate these changes.

UK Link Roadmap

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The UK Link Roadmap will secure the future performance of the platform – for the benefit of the gas industry and its consumers.

Protecting Against Cyber Crime

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We’re continuing with our multi-year programme to become more resilient to cyber-crime, as we continue to protect our customers.


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Decarbonisation is an increasing priority across the energy sector. Learn about our role in decarbonising gas.

Retail Energy Code (REC) Change

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We’re delivering changes to support the introduction of the Retail Energy Code (REC). This will include faster and more reliable switching for consumers through the Central Switching Service (CSS).

General Change

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Every year our customers make an annual investment in the General Change budget. This funds the delivery of changes approved by the industry elected Data Services Contract (DSC) Change Management Committee (ChMC).

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