21 February 2023

H100 Fife - the world's first green hydrogen heating project

Find out how we’re supporting SGN’s innovative project to deliver completely green hydrogen to 300 households.

Heating accounts for 37% of the UK’s carbon emissions, making it the biggest source of greenhouse gases in the country. Of this, 17% is used to heat our homes, 14% is employed in industrial processes, and smaller amounts are required for hot water and cooking. 

Decarbonising heat is a crucial step to achieve our legally-binding target of reaching net zero by 2050, and swapping gas for no-carbon alternatives such as hydrogen represents one of the most effective and less disruptive ways of accelerating this process.  


Decarbonising heating with hydrogen

Hydrogen is produced through a process called electrolysis, in which an electric current splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. When the electricity used in the process comes from renewable sources, the result is known as green hydrogen, since its production causes no emissions.

To leverage the potential of hydrogen in decarbonising heat, National Gas Transmission and the UK’s four gas distributors are collaborating on the Gas Goes Green initiative – a programme to gradually replace natural gas with hydrogen in 85% of the country’s households. 

Xoserve is committed to supporting industry stakeholders in this process, facilitating communications and ensuring access to in-depth data to make the transition to no-carbon fuels as smooth and efficient as possible. 


H100 Fife – the world’s first no-carbon heating project 

As part of Gas Goes Green, SGN, the gas distribution network for Scotland and southern England, has launched H100 Fife, a first-of-a-kind national research project that aims to deliver 100% green hydrogen to 300 households in Levenmouth, in the council area of Fife. 

H100 Fife uses electricity from offshore wind turbines, making hydrogen production completely sustainable. Hydrogen produced through electrolysis is then stored in secured tanks, before being transported through a purpose-built network to customers. 

The starting point of this network is the Fife Energy Park in Buckhaven, Levenmouth. Construction will start in May 2023, with the network expected to go live in September 2024. 

The new pipelines will run in parallel to the existing ones, giving customers the option to switch to hydrogen or keep their current natural gas supply. The hydrogen network will also be expected to comply with the same strict safety and reliability requirements as gas. 

Customers willing to participate in the trial will receive new hydrogen-ready appliances at no extra cost. They will also be able to interact with hydrogen appliances – including boilers, meters and hobs – at a demonstration facility before deciding whether they want to opt in. The first demonstration kitchen has already been unveiled at the Fife Renewable Innovation Centre, and more hydrogen demo homes are under construction at Fife Energy Park. 


Overwhelming local support

In October 2022, SGN organised the first of a series of Open Events at Buckhaven Community Education Centre, where residents could learn more about hydrogen trials and ask questions to experts. 

Community engagement has proven successful, and H100 Fife has received overwhelming positive feedback and support by the residents. The minimum registration target of 270 households has been achieved, and SGN has already begun completing the preliminary home surveys to verify the suitability and installation requirements of some of these homes. 

SGN is also working with Bright Green Hydrogen, a Fife organisation promoting hydrogen knowledge, to deliver lessons on hydrogen to local schoolchildren.

H100 Fife, which will be operational until March 2027, will play a key role in SGN’s plan to replace natural gas with no-emission alternatives by 2045, and results from the trial will provide essential data on how to facilitate the transition to safe, effective and sustainable heating countrywide. 

Xoserve is proud to support the transition to a no-carbon future, and we will continue to engage with industry stakeholders to facilitate communication and data sharing at all stages of the H100 Fife project.


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