23 February 2023

Victoria Mustard speaks to industry experts about the impacts introducing hydrogen to the gas mix could have on asset management strategies.

In our latest podcast, Decarbonisation Lead Victoria Mustard speaks to experts from the UK’s leading gas metering organisations.

In a must-listen episode for Meter Asset Owners, Providers and Managers; they discuss:

  • what opportunities the move to a hydrogen blend or 100% hydrogen creates for asset owners and managers
  • how asset providers and gas Suppliers can work together for a smoother transition
  • what crucial questions Meter Asset Managers need to ask to prepare for hydrogen
  • what the move to hydrogen blends and 100% hydrogen will mean for the manufacture, deployment and lifespan of gas meters
  • what environmental and cost issues need to be considered with the removal or replacement of old gas meters and stranded assets


Listen now: A focus on meter asset ownership and management

To access our latest episode, or to view a full list of others across the series, click the link below.



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