7 September 2023

The tenth in a series of podcasts discussing our journey towards net zero.

From food waste to clean energy: the role of anaerobic digestion

In this episode of Decarb Discussions Victoria Mustard talks to Christer Stoyell, Managing Director of Severn Trent Green Power who explains how the gas produced by organic waste can be trapped and put to use thanks to anaerobic digestion.

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We’re told from an early age that throwing away food is wasteful. However, we don’t often think about the environmental impact of food waste – particularly in terms of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The episode will cover:

  • The benefits of repurposing organic waste to generate biogas and biomethane
  • Why diverting organic waste away from landfills is crucial to meet the UK’s decarbonisation goals
  • Why only a small percentage of our food waste is currently being repurposed for clean energy generation
  • What needs to happen to accelerate the adoption of anaerobic digestion as the default method to dispose of food waste


Decarb Discussions: Dedicated podcasts exploring the road to net zero for the gas industry.

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